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Special Offer: We are very please to offer our clients the MasterGen Listing utility. It helps verify the contents of reports created using the Jonas Master Generator reporting tool. To get this handy utility, simply complete our form and, upon submission, you will be directed to a download page. Unzip the package and then run the installer application to add this to your system.

7.**NEW** Changes to the Jonas Website

Jonas has recently upgraded their website, and as such some of our clients have had difficulty locating the product updates.  To access the support site for downloading product updates, please go to

6. Payroll Updates

Payroll changes for 2010 are now available for versions 11.8 & 11.9.  Please visit the Jonas website to download the most recent product update which also includes all payroll changes.  In addition, there is now a year-end checklist available to assist you.  Please click HERE for the CDN Payroll Checklist.  Please click HERE for the US Payroll Checklist.

5. 2009 T4 Forms

Recent changes has required JONAS to revise the custom Preprinted T4 form for the 2009 filing year.  These modifications and updated forms will only be available to clients who are running Jonas Version 11.9 or higher.  For clients on a lower version, they will no longer have the Jonas Preprinted Laser Forms option and will have to revert to either ordering forms from CRA, or downloading the form from the CRA website.

4. Extra Pay Period in 2009

For customers that process their payroll on Fridays, this year (2009) Friday is Jan 01 which Is a holiday.  As a result most companies will likely pay their employees on Dec 31st.  This is going to include the payroll as part of 2009 and possibly lead to an extra pay in the year (i.e. 27 pays instead of 26 or 53 pays instead of 52).  If at the beginning of the year your company recognized this issue, and set the # of pays in the Payroll Profile to 27 or 53 then no changes will be required.  However, if your company is just now realizing that there will be an extra period for 2009, you will need to make the following changes.  When setting up the final pay period under ‘Setup New Pay Period’ you will need to check on the flag “Do not take CPP exemption”.  If this extra step is not completed, it may result in not enough CPP being deducted and your company will then get a PIER report from Canada Revenue Agency.

3. Post Recurring G/L Entries:

Starting in Version 11.9.0104 a new feature has been added to the Post Recurring G/L Entries program to post as an Accrual Posting.  when the flag 'Accrual Posting' is checked, the recurring G/L entry will be automatically reversed on the date indicated as the 'Post offset to'.


2. JONAS Support News:

1. Support Fees:

Are your support fees to high?  Click HERE for more information.


GST/HST Updates:   
As of Jan 1, 2008 the GST/HST rate in Canada changed from 6% to 5% (14% to 13% for HST); versions 11.4 and up have changes that include a utility to change taxes in most areas for our Club clients. Construction clients only need to change the GST/HST rate in the Company Profile, any necessary changes to forms will be in versions 11.0 and up. All documentation has been posted on the Jonas website and will be available in their Knowledge Base prior to that date. If you wish to have a CD or have an older version, please email Jonas Support, and a CD will be sent out to you.
































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